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How can I save what's leaved by culture and still make a living off it?

Neil Eustache (Artist)
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Physical Description

clothing, newspaper, video tape, leather slipper, bottle
84.5 cm 153 cm (Component)


96.5 cm 43 cm (Component)


84 cm 159 cm (Component)


82 cm 104 cm


17 cm (Component)

Glass bottle)

31 cm (Component)

Plastic bottle)

7.5 cm 10 cm (Component)


Object Description
The articles of clothing and accompanying accessories are props that were worn by Neil Eustache during a performance entitled How can I save what’s leaved my culture and still make a living off it? in 1994 and then sold at auction in 1998. During the original performance, Eustache stumbled through his own opening reception at grunt gallery, performing what he calls “the street Indian.” At the 1998 auction, “Indian Art For Sale,” Eustache sold the items as a proxy for a future rearticulation of the performance at the time and location requested by the buyer. 

The clothing and props include a shirt: (cotton & polyester, beige Woodwards Classic Mens), pants: (polyester, brown men's), a jacket: (cotton with polyester lining, green , blue & white flannel plaid, with white buttons, Luigi Rossi), a blazer: (brown, orange and blue plaid with 2 light brown & 2 black buttons), a newspaper folded in the right pocket (Vancouver Sun Business section dated Wed. July 15, 1998
-also crumpled up classified page: employment section with a half completed crossword in black ink and a missing 5.0 x 5.0 cm corner that has been ripped out), a video tape: (VHS Fuji tape with clear scotch tape to prevent recording over), a glass bottle (473 ml Fruitopia bottle), a plastic bottle (2 litre Coke bottle), a slipper: (leather and plastic tape, men's right)


Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Permanent Collection
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Permanent Collection
Credit Line
Purchased, 1998
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